Leveraging the world's largest platform

Samsung Catalyst Fund invests in and works with innovative startups whose disruptive technologies have the potential to make the world a better place—helping people everywhere lead happier, healthier, richer lives.

Big ideas need to achieve big scale. That’s why it’s important that we invest from the locus of Samsung, the world’s largest platform:

#1 semiconductor company
#1 TV company
#1 Global Smartphones Company
#1 active patents in the U.S.

These roots enable Samsung to help our portfolio companies:

Accelerate innovation by solving technical problems.

Gain access to the world’s largest platform: Samsung.

Fueling new business creation

Samsung Catalyst Fund views startups as more than simply avenues for financial returns. Through our multi-stage investment strategy, we work with startups to help accelerate innovation while amplifying synergy with Samsung.

Entrepreneurs in our portfolio get an inside track to Samsung’s future growth, helping create new generations of cutting-edge business success.

Co-prosperity at a global scale

Samsung Catalyst Fund takes a strategic, patient, and holistic approach to investments. The startup journey entails inevitable challenges. We understand that persistence and creative problem-solving can make the difference between getting to market and remaining just a promising idea.

We view investment success in terms of co-prosperity. That means a win for us, a win for our portfolio companies, and a win for our partner investors, startups’ customers, and the communities in which we live and work.

Even more deeply, our global team ascribes to the Samsung co-prosperity core value, aspiring to socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizenship.

Transparent and nimble

Samsung Catalyst Fund is a U.S.-based fund that invests globally—fully owned by Samsung Electronics with a charter to make independent investment decisions and assume fiduciary responsibility to our portfolio companies.

This structure allows the Samsung Catalyst Fund team to make rapid and transparent investment decisions while helping our portfolio companies both inside Samsung and externally.

Focusing on life changing technologies

We believe that technology is about more than just sending faster text messages or getting better online shopping recommendations. Samsung Catalyst Fund is committed to investing in technologies—and the people bringing those technologies to market—able to deliver tangible benefits to society and to the world at large.

Cloud and data infrastructure
Artificial Intelligence
Networking & 5G
Autonomous systems
Smart factory and robotics
Digital health