Attendees at the 5th Samsung CEO Summit, held November 6 in San Francisco, had the chance to browse demos from startups with cutting-edge technology solutions addressing various aspects of this year’s Summit theme: the Convergence Era, in which atoms (the physical) and bits (the digital) are combined in new and exciting ways. This year, the CEO Summit also included demos from the three winners of the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) regional San Francisco competition.

Enjoy these short videos of the Samsung CEO Summit demos.

BabbleLabs showed how its products enhance understanding by people and machines, using neural networks and speech technology to transform speech for our digital world.

EchoPixel, the first software platform with a 3D interactive holographic experience, demonstrated how it can improve surgical imaging to facilitate more precise and personalized patient treatment.

IonQ, a pioneer in trapped-ion quantum computing, showed how it is building the world’s most advanced quantum computers to solve the world’s hardest problems.

Landing AI demonstrated its deployment-ready AI solutions and enterprise-wide transformation programs that empower companies to jumpstart AI adoption and realize practical value. showed its end-to-end platform that delivers a continuous 3D avatar experience across digital channels—from profiles to chat to video conference to AR collaboration.

Noom, the world’s leading behavior change company, demonstrated how it is combining the power of AI, mobile tech, and psychology with the expertise of more than 1,300 human coaches to disrupt the weight-loss and healthcare industries.

Strivr demonstrated its VR-based immersive learning solutions, which can transform employee performance in areas including safety, operational efficiency, customer service, and soft skills.

UneeQ (formerly FaceMe) showed how the digital humans it designs can give conversational AI systems personality and help businesses deliver unparalleled customer experiences through brand ambassadorship and natural, human interaction.


The three regional XTC winners with demos at the Samsung CEO Summit were:

Advanced Animal Diagnostics, and its CEO Joy Parr Drach, demonstrated its on-farm diagnostics solution designed to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use and address antibiotic resistance in livestock.

Green Dot Bioplastics, and its CEO Mark Remmert, described how it manufactures bio-based and biodegradable plastic raw materials, including low-cost marine-biodegradable plastics.

NovoNutrients showed how it is transforming industrial-waste CO2 into feed for sustainable aquaculture.