The California Gold Rush of the mid-19th century is famous for pictures of gritty prospectors scrabbling for rare riches. Less famous are the people who provided those prospectors with the picks, shovels, jeans, and other accoutrements they needed. Not as glamorous, but without them, the Gold Rush couldn’t have happened.

Fast forward 170 years, and we have a new Gold Rush: AI. And while the “gritty prospectors” get a lot of the press, we think that the”picks, shovels, and jeans” are just as interesting, if not more.

Samsung Catalyst Fund recently joined an investment round in Allegro.AI, a company building a new generation of tools for AI, including end-to-end lifecycle management, automation of data labeling, and on-premise data processing for complete control over customer data.

David (Dede) Goldschmidt, VP and Managing Director, Samsung Catalyst Fund, writes about this latest investment on LinkedIn. We invite you to read his post and find out more about this exciting company.