A Better World with A.I.

Young Sohn, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung Electronics, and Chairman of the Board, HARMAN

If data is the new oil, then AI is the engine shaping our future. AI is touching not only new companies, but also established industries as diverse as hotels, trucking, and healthcare.

Corporate President Young Sohn pondered whether we are shaping our future properly, with the tools, investment strategies, and technologies that will not only push AI forward, but also implement it responsibly. He noted the importance of focusing AI discussions and strategic decisions around AI’s effects on people, employment, and diversity because these things matter.

Samsung’s purpose is to use technology to enrich people’s lives and contribute to society through better technology, products, and designs. What are the future opportunities for the next few years? Sohn cited healthcare and automated driving as two of the most impactful.

Samsung’s AI strategy involves balancing intelligence moving to the edge and the need for better centralized processing. Sohn reiterated the concrete commitments that Samsung has made about its own product designs, investments, and AI operations into the future.

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