Founded in 2016, Unispectral is the developer of next-generation compact camera hyperspectral imaging technology. Unispectral’s solution includes a MEMS based optical filter and image processing software, powerful enough to turn any smartphone or standalone camera into a hyperspectral camera. The resulting image combines the “classic” color image with additional spectral information per each pixel. Combining existing image recognition tools with spectral analysis capabilities will allow cameras to identify objects of interest and analyze their chemical components from a distance. Lead applications include, among others, enhanced imaging for mobile handsets, wellbeing and food analysis and automotive.

Coby Sella

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Coby Sella has an impressive track record with more than 20 years of experiences in business ramp-up and repositioning in the hi-tech sector. Mr. Sella has held numerous senior positions in the development and management of application processors and in the commercialization of technology for the consumer electronics industry.

As CEO of Sansa Security (formerly Discretix) he managed the successful acquisition by ARM IoT BU OR Arm Holdings in 2015 where he served as site manager and VP Products and Technology and met the post-acquisition revenue goals. Prior to the acquisition, he led the restructuring of Sansa Security, achieving profitability by doubling revenues to over $20 million. When Mr. Sella was Senior VP and General Manager of Zoran’s mobile division from 1998-2009, he addressed the digital camera and mobile handset markets. Under his leadership, the digital camera business grew its market share to over 30 percent. Prior to joining Zoran, Mr. Sella held various positions at the DSP Group, IBM and National Semiconductor. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology.