Renovo is an award-winning automotive vehicle software company focused on enabling the global commercialization of autonomous vehicle fleets. Renovo’s scalable platform merges software, data management, and automotive-grade safety systems into a unified solution for autonomous vehicle fleet deployments. Renovo combines Silicon Valley agility with proven automotive capabilities in a singular commitment to bring autonomous vehicles to the greatest scale, highest safety and lowest cost imaginable.

Chris Heiser

Co-founder & CEO

Chris Heiser is the co-founder and CEO of Renovo, leading the company’s development of AWare – the automated mobility operating system.

In addition to serving as a founding advisor of San Francisco’s Self Racing Cars Series, Chris is a die-hard gearhead with a passion for motorsports, engineering and technology. He was previously the Director of Product Management at LightSurf—pioneer of the camera phone—before the company was acquired by Verisign.

Heiser graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Chris Heiser