Blaize is a transformative compute solution that optimizes AI at scale wherever data is collected and processed from the edge to the core. Blaize’s Graph Streaming Processor (GSP) architecture delivers breakthroughs in the energy efficient computing required for AI data workloads. GSP chips are fully programmable for the flexibility to respond to rapidly changing AI models. And Blaize software tools reduce AI implementation time and complexity. With Blaize, developers can innovate new classes of products to bring the benefits of AI and machine learning to automotive, data center and smart vision markets.

Dinakar C. Munagala


Dinakar Munagala co-founded Blaize and serves as CEO. He brings more than 22 years of experience in successfully leading global teams building graphics chips for multiple $10 billion programs, with recognition for technical excellence, new initiatives and results focus. Starting with a bootstrapped development effort to create a more energy efficient processor architecture for the needs of a new generation of computing, Dinakar has led Blaize in delivering a transformational compute solution that unites silicon and software to optimize AI at scale from the edge to the core. Under his leadership, the company has brought together marquee investors to back the vision of the founding team, grown to ship products to multiple customers across automotive and other sectors, and continues to hire exceptional talent to join its US, UK, Japan and India offices.

Prior to co-founding Blaize, Dinakar spent 12 years at Intel where he held pivotal roles in graphics processor micro-architecture and design and feature ownership in the mobile and graphics engineering group, as well as with the Intel Centrino platforms. Programs included Intel’s next generation multi-core, multi-threaded graphics chips, and the architecture for Intel’s first integrated CPU/GPU product family.

Dinakar holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree, Electrical and Computer Engineering, from Osmania University, India, and a Master of Science degree, Electrical and Computer Engineering, from Purdue University, USA. He is credited with 5 IP/Patent filings.

Actively engaged in community service initiatives, Dinakar has for 10 years taken a leadership role in fund raising for CRY (Child Relief and You)/Vibha (Sacramento Action Center), a non-profit that supports educational projects for underprivileged children, and is an active supporter of Kiva & Vittana initiatives, empowering students and entrepreneurs globally to achieve their goals via non-profit micro-finance loans.

Dinakar C. Munagala