Benhamou Global Ventures (BGV) is an early stage venture capital firm focused on Enterprise 4.0 technology innovation. The partners at BGV drove several successive waves of enterprise technology disruption in Silicon Valley. Today, however, a fourth wave is taking shape that will sweep across the globe and touch every single industry: Enterprise 4.0.  As a new generation of companies emerges to re-write the playbook of digital transformation, entrepreneurs and investors need to know where the old rules still apply, and where they do not. 

Enterprise 4.0 startups are reshaping the fundamentals of automation led value creation.  They are leveraging disruptive AI technologies with novel data sets to create significant value, and then packaging and delivering that value via frictionless deployment modes to ensure broad adoption by end customers. Today’s enterprise landscape offers transformative opportunities, and we, at BGV, are inspired by this wave of entrepreneurship.  We are privileged to contribute to this space, and we are excited to partner with you on your journey.