LVL Technologies

LVL Technologies has built the most advanced AI platform for wearables – allowing us to deliver comprehensive, medical-grade human monitoring to the next generation of consumer electronic devices. We combine proprietary sensor configurations and machine learning algorithms to track all of the body’s most critical vital signs, including delivering industry leading heart rate accuracy and for the first time ever – hydration.

LVL combines the demands of low power / low cost product development with the rigors of clinical validation and the expertise of medical doctors and behavioral psychologists to deliver an unparalleled product experience. Our sensor fusion packages are a drop-in replacement for the sensors of existing wearables and will power the next frontiers of digital health and continuous self-monitoring.

Dustin Freckleton

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Dustin Freckleton is founder and CEO of LVL Technologies, Inc. He received his MD/MBA from the University of Texas at Houston and has an extensive research background in hydration, health and human performance. He started the company in 2012 after suffering a stroke from exercise induced dehydration. Dustin lives in Austin, TX with his wife and three daughters.

Dustin Freckleton