A Note to Our Community about Telehealth and COVID-19

News Apr 18, 2020 Samsung Catalyst Fund Team

Samsung was founded on the conviction that technology can create a better global society. This philosophy holds as true as ever. While COVID-19 is a new and unique global challenge, we at Samsung Catalyst Fund believe that technology always has, and will continue to be, a powerful instrument to undertake today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Therefore, we continue our commitment to back the tech leaders of tomorrow to build a safer, smarter, and more sustainable world.

We are proud to work with partners like Ada Health and Genome Medical who are transforming healthcare by using Data and AI to augment clinical experts. They enable people everywhere, from the comfort and safety of their homes, to take advantage of the insight and recommendations from leading healthcare experts.


Source: Ada Health

Ada Health offers an AI-based health solution, supporting millions of users around the globe, addressing the rising need for personalized health technology to deliver effective care. To contribute to the efforts against the current pandemic, the Ada team just launched a COVID-19 assessment and screener to help individuals understand symptoms and guide them on next steps, while reducing the burden on frontline services.


Source: Genome Medical

Genome Medical brings telemedicine to genomics, enabling patients to consult with genetic experts by video session or phone. Patients get help in navigating the complexity of genetic testing — including what tests might be appropriate, the implications of results, and the potential benefits of integrating genetic findings into a personalized clinical care plan. Understanding the genetics of an individual may be crucial for diagnosis and treatment decisions, as well as prevention if there exists an elevated risk for disease.

Access to care remains a huge challenge in the healthcare system, and COVID-19 highlights the need for a scalable telemedicine infrastructure. Data-based platforms can help to democratize our healthcare and could put actionable insights in the hands of individuals like never before. Ultimately, we believe both companies play a crucial role in this field, and their ideas could become game changers in the future of medicine. They promote the “consumerization of healthcare” – putting the needs of the patient at center-stage and making consumer-friendly clinical care more accessible and more affordable to everyone through technology. These innovations could provide a foundation that empowers individuals to actively manage their health in novel and impactful ways.

Finally, as we monitor the extraordinary situation evolving around us, we are excited about being an anchor sponsor of the world’s largest start-up competition focused on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC). We encourage entrepreneurs, VCs, and corporations everywhere to register and to get involved as it’s a great way to connect with startups, enterprises, and investors on solving global challenges through innovation. The application deadline for startups has been extended to April 30th. Click here to apply.


We at Samsung Catalyst Fund are sending wishes of health and safety to you and your families.


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